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dissolve CD files
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Download individual music files below. Due to limitations, if you wish to buy multiple individual music files you must purchase each sound file separately through Paypal. Our apologies for this small inconvenience.

small hours
and now to begin
just a moment
kantele (remix)
slowly standing
oort cloud
torpid day
floating lesson 1
floating lesson 2
valse aeternum
moving day
in lanulos
worldes bliss ne last
vibe walking
as night fails to day
distant fields
open water
open hand (remix)
those are pearls ...
breathe in breathe out

All of the music for mindfulness music files are also available to download individually at CDBaby through the links below. However, the sound quality of CDBaby files is slightly inferior (higher compression, lossy and lower bit rate) to those provided above.

dissolve CD

scatergathering CD

distant fields CD

Physical CDs will be abailable in the coming months

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