music for mindfulness

This music was created by composer, Tom Powell, to assist in the practice of mindful meditation, yoga,  and contemplative listening. 

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dissolve  tracks

and now to begin   (7:24)
november   (4:09)
dissolve   (11:24)
small hours   (12:16)
valse aeternun   (5:45)
tintabulation   (4:14)
open water   (6:00)
those are pearls that were his eyes   (10:10)
tetrad   (12:36)
floating lesson 1   (2:52)

Total 77:09

scattergathering  tracks

transit   (3:42)
just a moment   (9:26)
moving day   (3:13)
vibe walking   (5:04)
scattergathering   (10:15)
falling   (14:25)
kantele   (12:04)
oort cloud   (18:20)

Total: 76:45

distant fields  tracks

worldes bliss ne last   (6:35)
in lanulos   (5:04)
distant fields   (10:39)
open hand   (4:44)
floating lesson 2   (2:42)
procession   (3:33)
torpid day   (5:46)
as night fails to day   (2:21)
breathe in breathe out   (10:08)
slowly standing   (13:41)

Total 65:32

© Thomas Powell 2012